Clement’s branches


In FreeCuvry this spring a new important neighbor arrived, his name is Clement.

I say important because he has a special feature: he loves the garbage.

It is not a case that he took the Tommaso’s place in the camp, and the day when he came, cleaning the space from the rest of Tommaso’s stuff, he told us, “There is no garbage, everything can be useful”.

At first his way can seem similar to Tommaso’s way, but he has another style. He doesn’t collect every kind of stuff and he has not messy problem, he just try to save most things possible from throwing away.

Some days ago he had big discussion with some polish guys because he brought the gipsies’ garbage near the library. Clement is a really peaceful person, he is not able to fight neither to defend himself. You must be really stupid and coward to start a fight with a man like him.

There are some stupid and coward people in FreeCuvry.

But I want to thank Clement, because some days ago he brought in the camp a lot of tree branches, taken from the street. At first I asked myself what we should have done with those. But Yuki started to use the leaves to make fertilizer, like he learned in Kenya, and he gave me a branch without bark. It was very beautiful, white, smooth and delicate. So I started to take off all the bark from the branches, before they became dry and it would be not possible anymore.

I still don’t know what I will do with it, if furnitures or sculptures, I think every piece will be something different, because every piece is unique.

Anyway thanks to Clement to have given me this beautiful material.

rami-3  rami-5rami-4

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