Cuvry Spring Frenzy

cuvry spring-2

And finally it’s spring also in Cuvry!

All around our house everything is already green, we wake up with the voices of the birds and the big wild plants grow amazingly fast and hide us from the view of the people who pass through the camp in the weekend, going to sit in front of the Spree and spend a nice sunny afternoon.

cuvry spring-23

This is the Cuvry spring frenzy: everybody has started to order and clean the camp and the garden-fever is really contagious all around FreeCuvry. Behind our house there were the rests of the garden cared by the italian guys last year, and now one girl cares about it every days with a lot of love, planting different vegetables. She gave us some carrots sprouts too!

cuvry spring-19cuvry spring-20

Yuki is caring about the garden around the house, planting some carrots, cucumbers, radishes and sunflowers in front of the kitchen and other flowers near the entrance. We really hope our seeds will grow, but it’s not easy, especially because in Cuvry all the dogs are free to jump into your flowerbed and destroy everything…but this is Cuvry 🙂

I love this energy.
I love the spring in Cuvry!

cuvry spring

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  1. こんにちは!

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