“Ein Journalist ist einer, der nachher alles vorher gewußt hat.”

And another time the story of the eviction today was a false alarm.

But for this yesterday there was in FreeCuvry a reunion to discuss the future of the camp and how to react when the police will arrive.

Mostly of the people there were activists and journalists. Somebody told that the owner Artur Süsskind would have been come today to speak with the inhabitants of FreeCuvry….mmmmm….

I don’t know if a billionaire would do it….we will see.


Yesterday I also spoke another time with some journalists, this time from VICE, although I promised myself I would have done it anymore.

I don’t trust media and journalists, no more. I spoke with lot of them in the last time, because FreeCuvry is now a hip topic for the media. I thought I could make them speak about another side of Cuvry, that made by people who still believe that something good can born here, little by little. But what they wrote it was almost just what everybody can say just staying here one hour, and what you can see with a so superficial gaze is not a paradise, for sure.

We will not speak with journalists anymore.

We had no experience before in managing with press and media, but what I saw in this time in Berlin is just a bunch of stuff of poor quality.

This is the information today.

Do you still trust what is wrote in the newspapers? What I read till now are just bullshits.


One thought on ““Ein Journalist ist einer, der nachher alles vorher gewußt hat.”

  1. dear chiara, i just wanted to thank you for writing this blog. i came here via some newspaper articles and i am glad to be able to read sth from another point of you. i wish you all the best whatever happens now… m.

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