Sayonara Discuvry

It seems like our project arrived to the end.

Now it not just noise, the voice that this week police will came to evict the camp are real and concrete: tomorrow the parking around FreeCuvry is already reserved for police’s cars.

It continues the calling of supporters for FreeCuvry, who want to stay here, camp or whatever, to avoid the eviction. Most current infos can be found in the FreeCuvry Facebook.
We will stay here tonight and next day, hoping to manage to documenting everything till the end.

This evening in Cuvry there will be a reunion, at 18.00 on the river.


Tonight we will make a fire at our house, eat and stay together.

You are invite to join us to say “Sayonara Discuvry”.



One thought on “Sayonara Discuvry

  1. oh i hope you can stay peacefully / or go with cuvry in your heart . stay in peace cuvry forever. thinking of you both, mimi

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