Discuvry in Denmark

As all of you’ve already known, last year we could save our house from the destruction of the eviction.
Yuki is taking part to a great group exhibition in Denmark, at KØS – museum of art in public space, and we have the great possibility to show Discuvry project as well.

So in one week we are going to move our little house to Køge!


The exhibition  In your heart and in your city presents a range of brand-new works of four Japanese contemporary artists – Chiharu Shiota, Yukihiro Taguchi, Takafumi Hara and Tatsumi Orimoto. Being one of the most comprehensive and ambitious projects ever presented at the museum, the exhibition takes place both outdoors in the public space in front of the museum as well as inside on two floors. ‘In your heart and in your city’ will be a great opportunity for the Danish public to get an insight into Japanese contemporary art and culture.

The exhibition is curated by Berlin-based, Brazilian-born curator Tereza de Arruda and museum director at KØS Christine Buhl Andersen.

5 March – 6 September 2016

nørregade 29
dk 4600 køge

We wait for you!

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