Cuvry-Brache (located in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, Berlin) was for long time the last free piece of land on the Spree’s river side that managed to resist the big building speculation started with the Mediaspree project.


The empty lot was in the 90’s the venue of the Yaam club.

In the 2012 there was the propose to use the area for the BMW Guggenheim Lab, but the project was obstructed by a big protest because accused to stimulate the gentrification process in Berlin. In the end the BMW Guggenheim Lab was moved to Prenzlauer Berg.

In the spring 2013 a multicultural illegal village started to develop, far away from the conventional rules of society. A number of 100-150 people from all around the world created a self-built anarchic town in the centre of the european capital.


We are Chiara and Yuki, we built the first house in FreeCuvry and have lived the area, observing how it developed and changed from a waste-land to a chaotic town concentrated in a area big as a soccer field. What made the village in Cuvry-Brache really special was the absolute absence of defined rules. Everybody was welcome to come in and build a house. This was the reason because especially people who have no place in the society, because they don’t want or they are not able to find a place in a organized society, have chosen to come there and find their own place.

On the 18th September 2014 a big fire was started in Cuvry and the police used the occasion to evict the area. On the 22nd September the bulldozers started to destroy everything.

We managed to get the authorization to disassemble their house and save it as art artefact.

In the 2015 it was planned to build in the Cuvry’s field 250 luxury apartments, a supermarket, shops and offices.

The area nowadays is still a empty wasteland in the heart of Berlin.

This one and half year or experience, work, action and life concentrate around the house of the two artistes is expressed by the stop-motion video created by Yuki.

Copyright©2016 discuvry. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. hi chiara, hi yuki, this is mimi here, i came to the HAU japan syndrom festival a couple of times and was really happy to learn about free cuvry and discuvry life. i hope you are both well and happy in the summer in berlin. i would like to find out when you will have the furniture sale, if you do sell some of the great constructions, that is!.. also i have six edamane plants that want to come and see what the rats think about soya—- keep me posted. big hug, mimi

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