FreeCuvry…it was damn real…


As many of you have already known, FreeCuvry is evicted.

The eviction process started on Thursday 18th September, when in the night (at about 21.00) a big fire burned some houses just in front of our home.

The cause of the fire are still unclear, in the beginning we thought it was made by some people from the camp, because of some inside fighting, but in the end Cuvry’s people were sure it was not realize from somebody who lived in the camp.

There were many theories, from the neo-nazi to an organized tactics to evict Cuvry. Just one things is sure: the police was too fast and ready to kick everybody out of the camp, with the excuse of investigating for the fire, and they didn’t let anybody to get in anymore.

The weekend after the fire we could go inside just shortly to take our stuff from the houses.

On Monday 22nd September the bulldozers started to destroy all the houses of FreeCuvry.

Nobody of us thought that destroying FreeCuvy would have be so fast, so easy…too easy.

We would have realized a project this month in Cuvry, with the theater Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin.

Our plan was to start exactly from the weekend after the fire to organize events and art performance in Cuvry. But we couldn’t even start.

Thanks to this project with HAU and to the help of our friend and art curator Lutz Henke, we managed to have the authorization to save our house as art piece. We had two days of time to enter in the destroyed Cuvry, between the working bulldozers, cut our house in pieces and bring it away.

Thanks a lot to Raul Walch, Masaru Iwai, Rikiya Yamakawa, Nill, David and the other friends who worked with us in these two crazy day to save our house!

We will take part in the event Treffpunkte organized by HAU with the FUTURE LIVING lab

from the 2nd October to the 12th October we will do some art actions in some public space in the city (please check the website of the theater to know where we will be day by day);

from the 13th October until the 26th October, in front of the HAU2 avenue we will create an installation with the house and show all our documentation and our work realized since when we arrived in FreeCuvry – almost two years ago – till today, included the days of the eviction.

FreeCuvry was a unique reality in Berlin, a mirror on the society that surround us.

It was amazing, beatiful, crazy, cruel.

It was damn real.

Now it is just history, just memory.

two years ago


One thought on “FreeCuvry…it was damn real…

  1. really sorry for what’s a pity but for someone this is just the normal and unique course of events! i only discovered today , too late ! , this parallel universe in Berlin. i’ve would like to visit it ! full simpathy from Firenze : )

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