Welcome Winter!


In FreeCuvry the winter is finally arrived.

With about -10 degrees and totally covered by snow, Cuvry appears white and silent, everything seems going slower, the camp is going to lethargy. The majority of the people who built the houses between this summer and this autumn haven’t yet every kind of stove inside, and the walls are still not enough isolated, full of gaps that allow the wind and the cold come in easy. So they make every day a big fire in the common kitchen, near the Schlesisches Straße entry, beside the library, and spend time there together. Some of them sleep there in the night, beside the big fire drum, cause in their house is too cold.

We remember that cold, when we started to build our home we slept since the beginning in Cuvry, our walls were just plastic sheets. We had no stove, and no space inside to be warm and relax, the only thing we could do that time to not feel the cold was working every day hard until we would have built four walls and a roof. But now a day we can feel the warm of our home.

We are always happy to receive visits, and although our home is not so big, we always try to make place for everybody.

Two weeks ago for example we where inside 8 people, very close each other 😉 Yuki cooked miso soup and rice for everybody, it was nice, we never thought we could be so many inside!

One friend who comes often to visit us is Sasha. Two days ago he brought some food for dinner and we invited also Lukas and Manu, who were that evening in the common kitchen around the fire. Yuki cooked also this time – actually he cooks always because he cooks much better than me:) – he made miso soup with his super special meat-balls, and rice of course, as a good Japanese.

Sasha is very nice person, he has always such many interesting stories to tell, he lived so many different and weird situation, he know a lot of funny things and he did a lot of strange jobs. So when he starts to speak, you know he will tell you something special, and you can just listen to him.

In any how we enjoy to be together our friends in our home, and we hope to receive always several visits.


Tommaso’s style


I will talk today about our house in the beginning of this autumn.

Last summer we were not in Berlin for a while, so we had to find somebody to leave the house to, because in FreeCuvry you can not leave your home empty otherwise it’s very probable that in a very short time it will be squatted/destroyed/burned/ransacked/all-you-can-imagine-it-is-possible/etc…

So we thought long who could be the right person to guard our home, and of course live there.

That spring one man came to FreeCuvry, he walked barefoot, drinking wine from crystal glass and courting beautiful girls. This man was Tommaso.

Tommaso is the most elegant man in FreeCuvry, his bohemian italian charm makes him a real latin lover. He visited us since he arrived in the camp and when he knew we had to move during the summer, he told us, “I will care about your house while you are not here”.

We were little bit in doubt, not because he is not a good person, he is honest and kind, but he has a special feature – like every character in FreeCuvry – that makes him totally unique: he collects every kind of stuff from the street.

You will think it’s not so special, just you should have seen his space in FreeCuvry. Every cm is full of stuff, and when I say “every-kind-of-stuff” I mean you can find a tomato over a toothbrush in a woman slip.

This was the only reason because we were not sure to leave him the house all the summer, but in the end he seemed the less-worst person, better finding your home full of stuff than not finding it at all.

And the summer went away.

When we came back to Cuvry Straße the house was still there…….just you needed time to find it under the mountain of things.

We needed more than one week to put all that stuff in Tommaso’s place and make the house free again, and you really can not image what we saw, the most weird combinations of things I have ever seen in my life, stuff everywhere, even under the soil!


But our home is still there with just some little war wound.

Tommaso grazie.

Tommaso ありがとう.


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