Oh Berlino piovosa! Oh rainy Berlin!

It’s a really weird weather for May, or maybe it’s a really weird May’s weather for a Sicilian like me.

Because of the rain yesterday and today we couldn’t do any activities at the Discuvry space in front of HAU2, neither cooking or printing with woodcut. We are very sorry, but being an open-air space the Berlin summer rain it is a problem. Yesterday we tried to set up the blue sheet to cover the space from the rain like the last time, but this time there was a storm, the wind and rain were too strong. So we had to close everything again. But it’s ok, this is Berlin.

Tomorrow we would like to celebrate the last day of the Japan Syndrome festival, hoping it will be a sunny day 🙂


Open House_Dis-Cuvry – Confronting Comfort #1

Thanks to all the people who visited us for the Open House event in our house in FreeCuvry.

It was such a special atmosphere of sociality and positive energy.

We hope to have 100, 1000 other moments like that.

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japan sindromehau

Discuvry is taking part to the festival Japan Syndrome, organized by Hebbel Am Ufer from the 20th to the 29th May.

Yuki and me have created an installation in front the HAU2. The idea is a open-air living room/kitchen where the people can meet and speak, about Fukushima, eat together, creating a connection with Cuvry. Everything is realized with the same concept of Discuvry project, with all material recovered all around the city and without using electricity.

We will be in front of the HAU2 every day until the 29th, cooking, continuing to build little things, furniture or something like that. You can visit us and build something, make woodcut on the tables or cook as well.

In particular tomorrow, 24th May, there will be the Open House party at our home in FreeCuvry from 15.00.

Here there is the links of website and the facebook of the event:

Japan Sindrome

DISCUVRY – confronting confort

You are welcome to visit us every day, it will be a great pleasure.

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Yesterday there was the opening of the collective exhibition “The Kennedy Bunker” at REH-trasformer gallery in Berlin.

Yuki realized a installation, with material recovered from the garden of the gallery, for the projection of the DisCuvry stop-motion video that he is realizing since last here, from the beginning of the house’s building till today.

We will be happy if you come to see the exhibition, you could see all the building process of our house and the FreeCuvry area in the beginning, when it was still totally empty.


The Kennedy Bunker_May 17-June14 2014

REH-trasformer, Kopenhagenerstr. 17, 10437 Berlin, S&U Shönhauser Allee

Sooooooo…..after some days without internet finally I can thanks all the people who visited us in FreeCuvry for the anniversary of our house.

It was a very nice party, many people have come from out and lot of our neighbors have joined us to celebrate, thanks to everybody! It was a nice community moment as well, Yuki cooked a super delicious japanese curry soup with rise for everybody and we had the possibility to know better each other, especially with the newcomers because, as I wrote before, with the beautiful season a lot of new people is coming in FreeCuvry. But this spring there are new positive energies and the people seem to care more about the place and the people around them.

I’m sure it will go better and better.

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