japan sindromehau

Discuvry is taking part to the festival Japan Syndrome, organized by Hebbel Am Ufer from the 20th to the 29th May.

Yuki and me have created an installation in front the HAU2. The idea is a open-air living room/kitchen where the people can meet and speak, about Fukushima, eat together, creating a connection with Cuvry. Everything is realized with the same concept of Discuvry project, with all material recovered all around the city and without using electricity.

We will be in front of the HAU2 every day until the 29th, cooking, continuing to build little things, furniture or something like that. You can visit us and build something, make woodcut on the tables or cook as well.

In particular tomorrow, 24th May, there will be the Open House party at our home in FreeCuvry from 15.00.

Here there is the links of website and the facebook of the event:

Japan Sindrome

DISCUVRY – confronting confort

You are welcome to visit us every day, it will be a great pleasure.

hau B

hau A

hau A-2


hau A-3

hau c



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