Hello Køge, we are back!

Here we are! Again in Køge and this time we will live here for 4 weeks, yes!

Of course in our little house, re-built in the square in front of KØS Museum, in occasion of the current exhibition “In your heart – In your city”.

We continue the Discuvry project, mixing our daily life with art works.

Work in progress: a terrace-urban-garden beside our house with some japanese vegetable and flowers, we built the pots with reclaimed wood found in the streets of Køge

We are here every day until the 19th June and we will make two house-party on the 9th and 18th June. So if you are in Denmark by chance, come to visit us!

You will find more news about the events in the Museum’s Facebook page.

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FreeCuvry…it was damn real…


As many of you have already known, FreeCuvry is evicted.

The eviction process started on Thursday 18th September, when in the night (at about 21.00) a big fire burned some houses just in front of our home.

The cause of the fire are still unclear, in the beginning we thought it was made by some people from the camp, because of some inside fighting, but in the end Cuvry’s people were sure it was not realize from somebody who lived in the camp.

There were many theories, from the neo-nazi to an organized tactics to evict Cuvry. Just one things is sure: the police was too fast and ready to kick everybody out of the camp, with the excuse of investigating for the fire, and they didn’t let anybody to get in anymore.

The weekend after the fire we could go inside just shortly to take our stuff from the houses.

On Monday 22nd September the bulldozers started to destroy all the houses of FreeCuvry.

Nobody of us thought that destroying FreeCuvy would have be so fast, so easy…too easy.

We would have realized a project this month in Cuvry, with the theater Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin.

Our plan was to start exactly from the weekend after the fire to organize events and art performance in Cuvry. But we couldn’t even start.

Thanks to this project with HAU and to the help of our friend and art curator Lutz Henke, we managed to have the authorization to save our house as art piece. We had two days of time to enter in the destroyed Cuvry, between the working bulldozers, cut our house in pieces and bring it away.

Thanks a lot to Raul Walch, Masaru Iwai, Rikiya Yamakawa, Nill, David and the other friends who worked with us in these two crazy day to save our house!

We will take part in the event Treffpunkte organized by HAU with the FUTURE LIVING lab

from the 2nd October to the 12th October we will do some art actions in some public space in the city (please check the website of the theater to know where we will be day by day);

from the 13th October until the 26th October, in front of the HAU2 avenue we will create an installation with the house and show all our documentation and our work realized since when we arrived in FreeCuvry – almost two years ago – till today, included the days of the eviction.

FreeCuvry was a unique reality in Berlin, a mirror on the society that surround us.

It was amazing, beatiful, crazy, cruel.

It was damn real.

Now it is just history, just memory.

two years ago


Sayonara Discuvry

It seems like our project arrived to the end.

Now it not just noise, the voice that this week police will came to evict the camp are real and concrete: tomorrow the parking around FreeCuvry is already reserved for police’s cars.

It continues the calling of supporters for FreeCuvry, who want to stay here, camp or whatever, to avoid the eviction. Most current infos can be found in the FreeCuvry Facebook.
We will stay here tonight and next day, hoping to manage to documenting everything till the end.

This evening in Cuvry there will be a reunion, at 18.00 on the river.


Tonight we will make a fire at our house, eat and stay together.

You are invite to join us to say “Sayonara Discuvry”.



Discuvry project: one and half year later

Discuvry is a project between art, architecture and social experimental research. It goes over building a simple object, but include living the work and making daily actions.

The idea of realize an illegal house in the empty field of Cuvrystrasse came at first to Yuki, he wanted to realize a big project and I followed him, because it was very interesting for me seeing from inside if a anarchic multicultural village works, how it develops spontaneously in the heart of a european capital, how this architecture without architects lives and grows.

Yuki realized a stop-motion video of the building process and the first exhibition of Discuvry was the collective “Open Monement”, at the Kunstraum Bethanien in Kreuzberg. In the summer 2013 Yuki showed the project at the MOCA, Hiroshima City Musuem of Contemporary Art, for the exhibition “Site: Places of Memories, Space with Potential”.

We have continued the project untill now, documenting it day by day, doing pictures and observing how the life is going on FreeCuvry.

I never imagined personally this project would have lasted so long. Today is already one year and four months.

We saw lot of changes to happen on the field, people arriving and going away. We listened lot of stories, funny stories, cruel stories, surreal stories and too real stories.

We learned a lot.

We learned to give the right importance to the things, to appreciate the simplicity. We learned that another way to live is possibly, or better, other 100 ways to live are possible.

Of course we have our vision about life. We work hard everyday and we try to don’t ask, if we can do it by ourselves. Yuki had two other big project, one in Göttingen and one in Berlin, for Hebbel am Ufer, and one exhibition at REH-transformer gallery, in Berlin. I worked in a architect office in Berlin, collaborating with ISSS-Research&Architecture.

Not all the people who live in FreeCuvry have our same life-style, some of them work, some are artists, some musicians, some collect bottles, some ask for money in the street, some simply don’t do anything.


I don’t agree with many of the life-styles in FreeCuvry, but I am nobody to impose my life vision to anybody except to myself.

And you? Are you so sure you can do it?



DISCUVRY 1 year later: Open House Party

discuvry webbb


One year has already gone, lot of things have happened and lots are still happening.
Come to celebrate with us the anniversary of our house project and the coming of spring in the free field of Cuvry Straße.

You can grill, play music, eat, drink, imagine, sleep, dream, love, swim in the Spree………………………………………..……………………..

but no water, no electricity, toilette in the nature 🙂


Sunday 04.05.2014 from 15.00

Cuvry Strße 50-51, 10997 Berlin

Welcome Winter!


In FreeCuvry the winter is finally arrived.

With about -10 degrees and totally covered by snow, Cuvry appears white and silent, everything seems going slower, the camp is going to lethargy. The majority of the people who built the houses between this summer and this autumn haven’t yet every kind of stove inside, and the walls are still not enough isolated, full of gaps that allow the wind and the cold come in easy. So they make every day a big fire in the common kitchen, near the Schlesisches Straße entry, beside the library, and spend time there together. Some of them sleep there in the night, beside the big fire drum, cause in their house is too cold.

We remember that cold, when we started to build our home we slept since the beginning in Cuvry, our walls were just plastic sheets. We had no stove, and no space inside to be warm and relax, the only thing we could do that time to not feel the cold was working every day hard until we would have built four walls and a roof. But now a day we can feel the warm of our home.

We are always happy to receive visits, and although our home is not so big, we always try to make place for everybody.

Two weeks ago for example we where inside 8 people, very close each other 😉 Yuki cooked miso soup and rice for everybody, it was nice, we never thought we could be so many inside!

One friend who comes often to visit us is Sasha. Two days ago he brought some food for dinner and we invited also Lukas and Manu, who were that evening in the common kitchen around the fire. Yuki cooked also this time – actually he cooks always because he cooks much better than me:) – he made miso soup with his super special meat-balls, and rice of course, as a good Japanese.

Sasha is very nice person, he has always such many interesting stories to tell, he lived so many different and weird situation, he know a lot of funny things and he did a lot of strange jobs. So when he starts to speak, you know he will tell you something special, and you can just listen to him.

In any how we enjoy to be together our friends in our home, and we hope to receive always several visits.



I’m building the kitchen for my house since i have come back in Berlin (extension at the North front ). From september Berlin is getting cold day by day, but I have to wash kitchen stuff outside. Always i put bucket of water for wash outside, one day in the morning that water was ice, of course I was not in the mood to wash the dishes and freeze my hands! I really like cooking, it’s one of my favourite activity and i think cooking is very important, of course for saving money but mainly because if i don’t cook at my home, i don’t feel like i’m living here…that’s why i’m building the kitchen and now it’s almost finished! Finally I can wash and cook inside. aaaahhh! But it took time because my partner couldn’t work so much with me.
We spent about 1 month to build the house but just the kitchen took almost 2 month… anyway alone everything is hard in FreeCuvry!


dinner: japanese reis with mixed vegetables, miso soup with meat balls, special salad with radish, avocado, salami and wasabi plus soy sauce dressing.

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