I’m building the kitchen for my house since i have come back in Berlin (extension at the North front ). From september Berlin is getting cold day by day, but I have to wash kitchen stuff outside. Always i put bucket of water for wash outside, one day in the morning that water was ice, of course I was not in the mood to wash the dishes and freeze my hands! I really like cooking, it’s one of my favourite activity and i think cooking is very important, of course for saving money but mainly because if i don’t cook at my home, i don’t feel like i’m living here…that’s why i’m building the kitchen and now it’s almost finished! Finally I can wash and cook inside. aaaahhh! But it took time because my partner couldn’t work so much with me.
We spent about 1 month to build the house but just the kitchen took almost 2 month… anyway alone everything is hard in FreeCuvry!


dinner: japanese reis with mixed vegetables, miso soup with meat balls, special salad with radish, avocado, salami and wasabi plus soy sauce dressing.

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