Spotlight on FreeCuvry

In these days the attention on FreeCuvry increases, Cuvry Brache for the medias and the city.

Just 3 days ago a not so nice article was published on the supposed “left newspaper” Taz (so they define themselves).

In the camp there are some voices about an imminent demolition, probably in this month, but still we have not any official news. I don’t know how this kind of problem works exactly in Germany, but I suppose they will give has an advice before arrive with the bulldozers to kick all of us out of the field, I suppose they will give us the time to take and move our stuff…I don’t know.

FreeCuvry is a private field and illegal occupation, but the city allowed us to stay there and built our houses till now, no police came inside to say us we were not allowed, and they saw us building, they have never said one word.

So maybe for the law they can just arrive and kick us out, but I can not believe Berlin’s people will allow a so brutal evacuation.


But there is a positive side of all this attention on FreeCuvry.

Some days ago one woman came in the camp, she work in theater and she asked us if she could do a big theatrical performance in August, using all the space in the camp, from the river to the houses.

So also two musicians came later, they were from Netherlands and they would have liked to organize a big concert (with about 35 musicians) in FreeCuvry in the end of August.

We answered to both that it will be a pleasure for us have cultural events in FreeCuvry.

So we will see what will happen this summer, if we will still be here.


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