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I will talk today about our house in the beginning of this autumn.

Last summer we were not in Berlin for a while, so we had to find somebody to leave the house to, because in FreeCuvry you can not leave your home empty otherwise it’s very probable that in a very short time it will be squatted/destroyed/burned/ransacked/all-you-can-imagine-it-is-possible/etc…

So we thought long who could be the right person to guard our home, and of course live there.

That spring one man came to FreeCuvry, he walked barefoot, drinking wine from crystal glass and courting beautiful girls. This man was Tommaso.

Tommaso is the most elegant man in FreeCuvry, his bohemian italian charm makes him a real latin lover. He visited us since he arrived in the camp and when he knew we had to move during the summer, he told us, “I will care about your house while you are not here”.

We were little bit in doubt, not because he is not a good person, he is honest and kind, but he has a special feature – like every character in FreeCuvry – that makes him totally unique: he collects every kind of stuff from the street.

You will think it’s not so special, just you should have seen his space in FreeCuvry. Every cm is full of stuff, and when I say “every-kind-of-stuff” I mean you can find a tomato over a toothbrush in a woman slip.

This was the only reason because we were not sure to leave him the house all the summer, but in the end he seemed the less-worst person, better finding your home full of stuff than not finding it at all.

And the summer went away.

When we came back to Cuvry Straße the house was still there…….just you needed time to find it under the mountain of things.

We needed more than one week to put all that stuff in Tommaso’s place and make the house free again, and you really can not image what we saw, the most weird combinations of things I have ever seen in my life, stuff everywhere, even under the soil!


But our home is still there with just some little war wound.

Tommaso grazie.

Tommaso ありがとう.


The first neighbor


Today I want to speak about my favorite neighbor in FreeCuvry.

He is Adam.

In the beginning, just arrived in Cuvry, we started to build near the entrance of the river side, beside the long concrete wall and floor, rest of the basement of a previous building, but after three weeks of working some guys who make graffiti came and “very kindly” told us to build our house somewhere else because, if we had built there, they would have destroyed…so, without try to discuss with them (anyway it’s always useless talk with this kind of people), we have destroyed the structure we had built until then and we moved all our materials under the big chestnut tree, there we started to build our home, it’s there that it is still today, and it was there that we started our friendship with Adam.

He lived in one the houses in the center of the area, in the big Polish community. He has visited us since the beginning, watching us working everyday, seeing our house growing day by day. Every day, before going to work (collecting bottles around Berlin), he stopped by us just to say “good job” and asking for a cigaret. The majority of the time he was totally drunk…like the majority of the people who were living in FreeCuvry that time…
Little by little we noted a changing in him, he was drinking less and we were able to make with him more normal conversations. And when the winter was gone, in a day of April, he came to us with a tent and he told us he would have lived beside our house.

From that day he is our best neighbor. He built his wood house this autumn and, although sometime he is too drunk, he is one of the most honest men I’ve ever met. He asks us almost everyday for cigarettes and tobacco, but then he brings us something to eat, he cares and controls always our house, because FreeCuvry is a open area and everybody has to care about the safety.

For this Adam is the best neighbor you can have.



Yesterday there was the christmas party in FreeCuvry!

From last monday we had to prepare the Pagoda (the common space near the big, big tippy in the river side) for the party, little by little…
Some people are already living in FreeCuvry, but we don’t work so much together. Also if is not yet too cold in Berlin, winter is coming and everybody are fixing the own house to be ready for the hard season. I’m also working almost all the time in my house.

For all these reasons it is good sometime working together, we can know better each other and create a more united and stronger community, everybody doing what he/she can do, any small thing it’s very important.

Making flyer, christmas decoration, building roof and bench, bringing generator, cooking some food, preparing hot wine, playing music, fire performance, preparing the fireplace or just screaming…etc.

I showed my video works on the big wall over the graffiti.

It was a nice collaborative work.

The people in Cuvry are free, free from schemes and convections, free from society and good behaving rules. So at Cuvry’s party everybody is free to do whatever he/she wants, in the good and evil…

In a christmas party in Cuvry you can meet every kind of people, from the neighbor old ladies with her long elegant coat, to the girl with a with a real white fox fur and a gold scarf, to the girl who tried to choke herself with the cable of the projector because she thought her love was ended.

But yesterday there was a person at the party whom I want to speak about little bit more: Adriana. She is a german woman, about 40/50 years, maybe less, but the street-life made her to seem older than she really is. I don’t know how long she lives in the street and which kind of obscure past is behind her, but today she is like she has lot of demons around her, you can heard their voices when she laughs.
When she speak you can’t really understand what she is saying, and if she is really speaking with you or with one of her demons.

Yesterday her favorite activity was burning stuff into the fire drum. First she started to burn wood, also if the fire was already strong and not thinking about the wood is the most precious thing in Cuvry, it is never enough. Then she started to burn all the christmas trees she could find and throw into the fire, then she burned her wicker basket, then glass bottles and plastic trash, and everything she took, she threw into the fire, like she wanted to burn part of herself…just one thing she didn’t burn, the japanese ax that she stole from Yuki. If Ilaria, another italian girl who live in FreeCuvry, had not told us she saw Adriana to steal Yuki’s ax, we could never had it again. It was not easy to take it, she was throwing me into the fire like all the other stuff, but in the end we had our ax again!

This is normal christmas people in FreeCuvry.




I’m building the kitchen for my house since i have come back in Berlin (extension at the North front ). From september Berlin is getting cold day by day, but I have to wash kitchen stuff outside. Always i put bucket of water for wash outside, one day in the morning that water was ice, of course I was not in the mood to wash the dishes and freeze my hands! I really like cooking, it’s one of my favourite activity and i think cooking is very important, of course for saving money but mainly because if i don’t cook at my home, i don’t feel like i’m living here…that’s why i’m building the kitchen and now it’s almost finished! Finally I can wash and cook inside. aaaahhh! But it took time because my partner couldn’t work so much with me.
We spent about 1 month to build the house but just the kitchen took almost 2 month… anyway alone everything is hard in FreeCuvry!


dinner: japanese reis with mixed vegetables, miso soup with meat balls, special salad with radish, avocado, salami and wasabi plus soy sauce dressing.

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i moved to cuvrystrasse in berlin on 1th march 2013.

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