The first neighbor


Today I want to speak about my favorite neighbor in FreeCuvry.

He is Adam.

In the beginning, just arrived in Cuvry, we started to build near the entrance of the river side, beside the long concrete wall and floor, rest of the basement of a previous building, but after three weeks of working some guys who make graffiti came and “very kindly” told us to build our house somewhere else because, if we had built there, they would have destroyed…so, without try to discuss with them (anyway it’s always useless talk with this kind of people), we have destroyed the structure we had built until then and we moved all our materials under the big chestnut tree, there we started to build our home, it’s there that it is still today, and it was there that we started our friendship with Adam.

He lived in one the houses in the center of the area, in the big Polish community. He has visited us since the beginning, watching us working everyday, seeing our house growing day by day. Every day, before going to work (collecting bottles around Berlin), he stopped by us just to say “good job” and asking for a cigaret. The majority of the time he was totally drunk…like the majority of the people who were living in FreeCuvry that time…
Little by little we noted a changing in him, he was drinking less and we were able to make with him more normal conversations. And when the winter was gone, in a day of April, he came to us with a tent and he told us he would have lived beside our house.

From that day he is our best neighbor. He built his wood house this autumn and, although sometime he is too drunk, he is one of the most honest men I’ve ever met. He asks us almost everyday for cigarettes and tobacco, but then he brings us something to eat, he cares and controls always our house, because FreeCuvry is a open area and everybody has to care about the safety.

For this Adam is the best neighbor you can have.

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