Yesterday, when I came back to the camp, I found firefighters and police at the entrance: one of the houses on the big way burned.

Nobody was inside and nobody no one was injured. The fire in the camp is not something new, as everybody know also last summer the big teepee near the river burned, but this time everybody is sure, it was not to do something again somebody and it was not because some fighting inside the camp…well it happened.

But the good thing it was seeing the people of FreeCuvry to collaborate together to save what they could, even the gipsies helped. Maybe it was the first time were we felt to be a community. Of course we would have preferred to discover this sense of community in another way…

Anyway there is no big fire that can stop us now! The preparations for the CUVRYNALE continue!

Today we will continue to clean the camp.

Everybody is welcome in FreeCuvry!

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