Today we are still here


the refugees on the roof of the school

And for today FreeCuvry is save from an eviction.

Without police in the camp we were free to clean and order, starting from the library. After some hours of work we managed to put all the garbage in blue bags that we will kindly give to the city like a present, if the administration will be so kind to come and take them every morning in the corner of the street.

While we were cleaning we found all kind of stuff, even a vacuum cleaner! And don’t tell me that it was of FreeCuvry’s people! Nobody will trust you, since in Cuvry nobody knows what to do with a vacuum, unless someone has the power to generate electricity…

Today also a crew from the rbb TV came in FreeCuvry to make a reportage, that we didn’t watch because we don’t have TV (for the same reason we don’t have a vacuum). I just hope they didn’t make another bad report because we really don’t need it anymore.

Meanwhile the eviction of the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule in Kreuzberg. We were there half an hour before and there was the demonstration with music and lot of people were screaming “Freedom!” and supporting the refugees.
Do not give up!

I hope when it will arrive this day for FreeCuvry the people from outside will support us too, but I hope it is a very far day.

At least it will be not tomorrow.



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