Media Attention

The attention on FreeCuvry from media and newspapers continues in these days.

Just yesterday we spoke with two journalist who will write in the next days articles about Cuvry; one was from Tip Berlin (the article will publish on the 3rd July) and the other one from Zeit Online.

Just 15 minutes ago I spoke with a journalist from the Tagesspiegel, he was in the camp waiting for a scoop about the eviction, because he heard voices about a possible evacuation today…I’m sorry for the lost scoop, but it seems like this will not happen today, the police is too busy with the Gerhart-Hauptmann-School, occupied by the refuges.
Two eviction in one day? Too much for Berlin, isn’t it?

So we stay still here today.

I will never be tired to say “Everybody is welcome to visit us!”

We need you to come here to see with your eyes what is really FreeCuvry.



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