Discuvry House Market


Eviction or not eviction: that is the question.

While nobody knows this so feared date, we can not stay without doing anything. Rather we are more stimulated to do something creative and good for FreeCuvry.

Let’s start doing the Discuvry House Market!

We will sell all the chairs, tables, pots for plants and whatever we realized in this time working here in FreeCuvry and you could also enjoy a tea or coffee at our terrace surrounded by green.

As you know (or you imagine) we don’t have electricity here, so everything we create here is created using just hand-saw, hammer and nails. A little bit old style? But this is what makes our work so special.

If you don’t believe me, come here and see with your own eyes!

Come to visit in our house every Saturday of July from 11.00 to 18.00.

Opening day Saturday 28.07.2014!

FreeCuvry_CuvryStraße 50-51, 10997 Berlin

entrance corner CuvryStr. – SchlesischesStr.


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